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The Half Of It 2020 Full Movie Netflix Download In Dual Audio


The Half of It Movie 2020

The Half Of It

The Half of ItIs 2020 America an American? Coming-of-age Comedy-drama film written and directed in collaboration with Alice WuIt stars. Does it star Leah Lewis? Daniel Diemer AndAlexxis LemireWithEnrique Murciano?Wolfgang Novogratz?Catherine Curtin? Becky Ann BakerAnd Collin Chou Assisting roles Netflix. The film was released on May 1, 2020, to positive reviews. The 2020 Founders Award was presented to the film for Best Narrative Feature. Tribeca Film Festival.

This film is loosely based on Cyrano de Bergerac. Ellie Chu, a teenage girl, begins to write love letters for Paul Munsky's crush Aster Flores.

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 Movie Story/Plot 

Ellie Chu, a friendless student, lives in Squamish where she earns extra money by writing homework papers for fellow students. She lives with her father, a widower, and does most of her duties as a signalman and station master. Paul Munsky, a shrewd football player, approaches her to write a letter of love to Aster Flores. After initially refusing the job, Ellie accepts it after learning that her house will be cut off if she doesn't make a minimum payment. Aster is in a relationship with Trig, a boy who comes from a wealthy home. Ellie starts a long and meaningful correspondence with Aster via text messages and letters. Aster believes that Aster is communicating with Paul, but the two are connected by their mutual interests in literature. Ellie's English teacher encourages her to apply to Grinnell College, but Ellie plans to stay in Squamish despite being unhappy because she does not want to leave her father.

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Ellie arranges for Paul to go on a date with Aster. However, it turns out that Paul can't converse with Ellie as well. Ellie considers this the end of their efforts, but Paul defends Ellie from bullies and she agrees to teach Paul about literature and art. As they share their struggles and family stories, Ellie and Paul bond. Paul and Aster's second date goes horribly. However, Ellie saves the night by pretending to be Paul while texting Aster. Paul suddenly confesses to his love for Aster, and then later tells Ellie that they kissed. Paul takes Ellie to a party and then takes her to his house after she is intoxicated. There, he finds letters in her bag that are addressed to food critics about his sausage creations.

Aster invites Ellie for a day of fun. She takes Ellie to a secret hot spring, where they share an intimate conversation and swim. Aster tells her that Trig wants to marry her. Ellie, however, reveals that she doesn't believe in God and discusses her mother's death. Paul and Ellie bond while making sausages at Ellie’s house. Later, Ellie sees Aster and Paul kissing from her window and decides to apply for Grinnell. Paul tries to kiss Ellie after a game. He mistakenly believes she loves him. Aster is furious when he sees them. Paul discovers that Ellie loves Aster. He tells Ellie it is a sin because of his religious upbringing. Paul delivers sausage to Ellie’s father. Ellie’s father and Paul have an intimate conversation about love. Ellie's dad asks Paul if there is ever a time when he loved someone so deeply that he didn't want to change anything. Trig proposes Aster to her at a church service. However, Ellie and Paul interrupt the moment by discussing the true meanings of "love" using Ellie’s words from a prior letter. Aster discovers that Ellie sent the texts and letters pretending to be Paul. She slaps Paul, and storms out.

Aster apologizes to Ellie for misleading her before she leaves for Grinnell. Aster admits to having feelings for Ellie, and she is applying to art school. Ellie kisses Aster, and she tells her she will be seeing her in a few years. Paul meets Ellie at the train station and informs her that his sausages are well-received and that he will continue visiting her father. Paul follows the train along as it departs, just like in Ek Villain. Ellie laughs at him and then watches the passengers as she heads off to begin a new adventure in her life.

The Half Of It Movie 2020 Cast 


Leah Lewis -- Ellie Chu

Alexxis Lemire -- Aster Flores

Collin Chou -- Ellie's father

Enrique Murciano -- Aster's father

Catherine Curtin -- Paul's mother

Becky Ann Baker -- Mrs. Geselschap

Wolfgang Novogratz -- Aster's boyfriend

Daniel Diemer -- Paul Munsky
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The Half Of It Movie 2020 Crew 

Writer And Director -- Alice Wu

Producers -- Anthony Bregman, M.Blair Breard, And Alice Wu

Executive Producers -- Erica Matlin And Gregory Zuk

Co-Producer -- David Bausch

Camera -- Greta Zazula

Editors -- Ian Blume Lee Percy

Music -- Anton Sanko

Production company --  Likely Story

Distributed By – Netflix

Runtime -- 1 h 45 min

The Half Of It Release Date -- 1 May 2020
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The Half Of It IMDB Rating -- 7.2/10 From 16

               The Half Of It Movie 2020 Sinopsis

It's a coming-of-age drama for the United States, written and directed in part by Alice Wu. It stars Leah Lewis, Alexis Lemire, daniel Dermer, and Collin Chou.

Shy, instantly-a scholar, Ellie chu, feels isolated and friendless at her faraway, backwater town of squeamish. There, she makes a lot-needed extra income by writing homework papers to her fellow high-faculty faculty college students.

Ellie reluctantly believes that paul munsky, a lovelorn college jock, has to write love letters for aster Flores. They all secretly love the woman they love.

All three of them embark on a journey of discovery. They create a fancy triangle for friendship as they come to terms with their personal stunning emotions about love and discover connections in the most unlikely of places.

It was first introduced by Leah Lewis, Alexis Leve, daniel Diemer, Becky Ann Baker, Catherine Curtin, and Enrique Murciano in April 2019. Alice Wu is directing the movie from a screenplay she authored.

Wu and Anthony-Bregman will serve as producers for the movie, with Netflix meeting out.


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